Freeze for Good

Our Freeze for Good program helps us achieve our mission to support parents in setting their children up for financial independence. Through Freeze for Good, we collaborate with like-minded organizations and donate a portion of our sales to support the work they're doing. 

How It Works

Credit Parent provides each Freeze for Good partner with a customized webpage, link, and discount code to share with parents in your community. When a parent your link or discount code is used to purchase our Easy Freeze service, they'll receive a $5 discount on their order and Credit Parent will donate $10 to your organization. Credit Parent will provide a monthly statement detailing your orders and funds raised, and we'll deposit our donation to you via PayPal or check. So for example, if your organization works with 100 families, and each one freezes one child's credit, your organization would earn $1,000!

Why Partner?

We believe Freeze for Good is a win-win-win for everyone. The families you serve learn how to protect their children from identity theft, your organization generates much needed funds, and we both advance our missions in the process. As a Freeze for Good partner, you'll receive access to our toolkit of customizable promotional and educational materials to help you spread the word and educate parents about child identity theft. We'll also feature your organization on our website and other outreach. 

How to Become a Partner

Becoming a Freeze for Good partner is simple. Click the Apply Now button below and fill out the application form with some basic information about your organization. We're looking for partners who are dedicated to serving children, parents and families, including:
• Schools
• Daycares
• Youth centers
• Parent Teacher Associations (PTA)
• Youth sports organizations
• Mother's Clubs
• Parent Groups
• Scouting Groups
• School Clubs
• Youth development non-profits
• Financial literacy organizations
• And more!

If you're accepted into the program, we'll provide you with a dedicated fundraising URL, plus toolkit access to help you spread the word.


Child credit theft is an increasing issue that affects more than 1 million children every year. Freeze for Good provides a chance to educate parents about this important topic.


Credit Parent's child credit freeze service is an easy step parents can take to protect their child's financial future. Through Freeze for Good, you enable parents to access this service at a lower cost.


Freeze for Good is an easy-to-execute fundraising opportunity for any organization serving parents, children and families. 


If you have any additional question about the program or want to discuss additional partnership opportunities, please send us an email at