Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I unfreeze my child's credit?

Each credit reporting agency will mail you a 'Credit Freeze' confirmation letter containing a unique PIN code and instructions on how to unfreeze your child's credit. For each child, you will receive one confirmation letter with a PIN code from each credit bureau (links to samples are here: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion).

They do not provide this information to Credit Parent, so you will need to safeguard the information for a later time.

We recommend making an electronic copy and storing it in a secure place, as well as keeping a physical copy in a secure location such as a fire-safe box.

Can this be done for free?

Technically, yes. This can be done for free by working directly with each of the credit bureaus. Practically, before you embark on that project, be aware that the credit bureaus are notoriously difficult to deal with and each has a different cumbersome and confusing process required to complete this task. We built Credit Parent because we had so much trouble, and knew we could make a better process to handle this administrative tasks for you, allowing you to freeze your child's credit in less than fifteen minutes.

Why should I pay for this?

If you want this done quickly and efficiently, without wasting your time, it's worth paying for help. This is no different than using TurboTax or a CPA service to prepare and file your taxes. You can absolutely do your taxes for free, but it's a lot of work and hard to do with the free tools the government provides. We've mastered the process and can complete it far more easily, accurately, and reliably than any individual could do by themselves. 

Does this protect my child from identity theft?

Mostly, but not entirely. There are many crimes someone can commit with a stolen identity. However, establishing fraudulent financial accounts with the ultimate intent of theft can be a particularly harmful crime that is difficult for the victim to unravel. Freezing the credit makes it much more difficult for a thief to prey on your child's financial identity. 

What happens to the data I send you?

We use the documents you provide exactly once to submit the forms you paid us to submit for you, then delete them forever from our systems as quickly as possible. We have no interest in storing this information for any other purpose than to freeze the credit. We do not back up these documents. We only retain the minimum information necessary to be able to verify the service we have provided to you if such questions were to arise.

Is your system secure?

We use high quality data management providers with top notch encryption and end-to-end security. Wherever possible, we use sophisticated password protection schemes, multi-step authentication, and device verification to ensure no intruders can ever access our system or our customer's information. Our US-based print-mail centers exceed industry best practices for logical and physical security. Comprehensive security services include firewall management with rule-set review, Intrusion Prevention Services (IPS), intrusion detection services, event management, internal and external vulnerability assessment, and system integrity monitoring. 

What do the experts say about freezing a child's credit?

In our polarized country, it's hard to find anything almost everyone will agree on. However, freezing your child's credit is a rare exception. Experts pretty much universally agree that freezing your child's credit is something every parent should do. Here are 9 sources that all agree (click the logo for links to their articles).

Where are you based?

We operate from a secure location in the Boston Area. All of our infrastructure is based in the USA.

How did this business start?

We wrote about the story of how Credit Parent got started in a blog post


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