Freezing your kids’ credit: the to do list killer

A lot of people intend to freeze their kids' credit. After all, there’s a law that says the credit bureaus have to let you do it for free. The problem is, they really don’t want you to do it. So, they make it a real pain to do. And even worse, there’s three of them and only one of you!

Each credit bureau has thought of different ways to make freezing your kids' credit a clumsy mess of exacting paperwork. Only through trial and error can you discover how to get this seemingly simple task done. The process published online generally doesn't match the hastily-explained process defined in the call center agents' scripts. There are bloggers out there who've attempted to document the process, but unfortunately, they keep changing the process and you can never be sure any past article is representative of the current protocol. 

Best of all, when you call them for help, you'll learn that they've really nailed making you feel like you are bothering them. The agents speak quickly and in a condescending tone. They're coached to get off the phone as quickly as possible.

If you are truly interested in the journey, go ahead and try doing this yourself. But if you want to just knock out the task of freezing your kids' credit for some peace of mind, you should probably just spend the money to get help, submit your form and let the experts do it for you.


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